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Estate Planning

Our law offices allow you to communicate your wishes regarding your affairs in the event that you pass away or are no longer able to care for yourself. Estate planning reduces the risk of infighting between family members should one of these event occur.

Real Estate Law

When it comes to buying or selling property, zoning issues, property titles or any other real estate legal matter, you need an attorney with the most experience to get you the outcome you deserve.

Probate Litigation

Has a dispute occurred over the probate period? Losing a loved one is difficult and you need a strong probate attorney in El Paso to settle everything peacefully which is why you need the Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey.

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For over 30 years the Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey has been protecting the interests of West Texas clients in matters involving probate and real estate law.

Call the Law Offices of Victor H. Falvey today to schedule your initial consultation regarding probate and estate law or real estate law. We're happy to provide you with any assistance that we can.